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as with many interests, photography, gardening, decorating, etc. chemicals are often used which have the potential for harm if not used responsibly.  some of the kit contents or solutions that you have ordered fall into this category. where appropriate a safety data sheet (coshh sheet) has been included with your order. this details the information about these substances that we have provided you with by law.


the purpose of this website is to inform those not familiar with these substances the potential harm if not used as advised. however, the intention is not to cause undue alarm, and it is important when reading these safety notices to bear in mind that there are many commonly used household products that are potentially more dangerous then the chemicals supplied in our kits, for example toilet bleach, kettle de-scaler, headache tablets and brass cleaner are just a few examples of chemicals in everyday use that must be given respect, particularly in a family environment that includes children.


please observe the following general code of practice in addition to any specific advice or information contained in the relevant safety sheet, brunel microscopes ltd cannot be held responsible for harm caused by the inappropriate use of reagents supplied individually or with kits.


1. brunel microscopes, wax embedding, fixative, mountants and staining kits are not suitable for use by children under 16 years

   of age, even if supervised. (children should only be allowed observer status from a safe distance).

2. please note all hazard warning labels on all reagents supplied.

3. never eat, smoke or use naked flames when carrying out procedures involving these kits.

4. the kitchen is not an appropriate environment for the use of kits containing chemicals.

5. it is strongly advised that all reagents should be stored in a locked cupboard in a secure outbuilding or garage. small drips

   from tins or bottles could damage paintwork / furniture / work surfaces.

6. always keep all chemicals well away from children at all times. similar advice applies to pets.

7. the wearing of gloves and protection spectacles is recommended.

8. wash off accidental spillages on the skin with plenty of cold water. splashes to the eyes or mouth should be washed with cold


9. in the event of unintentional swallowing of any chemicals supplied, seek medical advice immediately.

10. use fluids in well ventilated areas. some can have an irritant effect of eyes and nose

11. if you have any further concerns relating to safety please contact brunel microscopes 01249 462655 for advice.